DIY With Rose Petals For Beautiful Skin

Roses are known as “ Queen of flowers” . This iconic , fragrant flower is loaded with many beauty secrets that are beneficial for both the health and skin. The antioxidants and antibacterial properties present in it makes it perfect for tired and dull skin.  This beautiful flower also helps to treat various skin issues like skin brightening, toning, fighting skin imperfections, acne and much more.

Below are the few rose scrub recipes that helps to achieve clear, radiant looking skin:Honey and Rose : Soak the rose petals in water and mash it for use. Now add organic honey and lemon juice into it to form a paste. Apply this pack all over the face for 10 minutes. Relax and wash off with lukewarm water. This helps to tone and firm the texture of the skin. The ingredients available in this face mask is full of antioxidants that works best to treat wrinkles.Almond and Rose : Crush the almonds with the rose petals and form a smooth paste. Add few drops of rose essential oil and apply it all…


In today's lifestyle, where staying away from dirt, pollution, dust and unhealthy food is almost impossible, it is a must to follow a good skincare routine on a daily basis. With that being said, make sure to reach out for Vitamin C skincare products as this nutrient is the key to a healthy and glowing skin.

Apart from consuming citrus fruits which are good sources of vitamin C, make sure to implement Vitamin C rich skincare products for that extra high dose vitamin c. So, today we will shed light on vitamin c serum for face and the advantages of making it a part of your daily skincare routine.

What is vitamin C serum?
A Vitamin C serum is specially designed to pass into your skin a concentration of Vitamin C benefits. These are oil-water-based products which are known to rapidly get absorbed and penetrate deep into the skin layers. On application, the serum gives your skin a velvety finish giving it a fresh and healthy appearance. The main function of vitamin c serum is to keep …


Most of us dream for a flawless skin that will catch the eyes of the person on the other side. However, sadly GOD is not that merciful to bless us with our dream skin (well, for most of us at least)!

However, again, God has filled this nature with incredible sources of nutrients that can quickly help us in achieving the skin that we kill to achieve. Talking about nutrients, we know the countless benefits of Vitamin C for our skin and Mother Nature is filled with sources which can give us a high dose vitamin C. So let us dive deep into the ocean of Vitamin C without any more blabbering.

What is Vitamin C? Well, most of us have heard about this magic nutrient which is also the secret to 'happy skin' but what exactly is Vitamin C? Well, Vitamin C is one of the most competent and powerful nutrients as per the words of the experts. It might not work as a hero against a cough and cold. However, this nutrient keeps the ability to provide protection against immune system deficiencies…


Vitamin C Face Wash It seems like we cannot stop crushing on Vitamin C and the benefits derived from it. Vitamin C is one powerful nutrient which possesses a gamut of advantages that not nourishes our skin and hair but improves our body's immune system if consumed regularly.

However, what about applying Vitamin C on your skin? After focussing on the benefits of using Vitamin C serum and moisturizer, we have turned our attention towards Vitamin C face wash, the first step in our daily skincare routine. Plus, keep reading the blog as at the end we will have some great Vitamin C rich DIYs.

Benefits of Using Vitamin C Facewash While buying a facewash, most of us hardly care to check whether the facewash has the goodness of Vitamin C or not. Why? That is because we hardly pay any attention. Well, this we are talking about the majority. Though, we cannot rule out the fact that some are super conscious about their skin and makes sure to buy a facewash that has the power of Vitamin C. Ho…

Body Butter: The secret formula

What is Body Butter? Lets understand body butters; different kinds, what they do, how they feel, and how to choose the best one for your skin.

Body butters are one of the perfect way to nourish your skin, from the inside out. For those looking for a really minimal skincare routine, you can use a single body butter. Depending on your skin type and what kind of body butter you are using, some can be by themselves while some body butters need to be combined with others butters or oils or water to make them easier to apply. The best bet for most of us in winters is to use a body butter. Body butter keeps the skin, moisturized, hydrated and toned.
How are they beneficial for the skin? Some body butters require more effort to rub in (because they tend to be heavier and can sometimes solidify in the winter) than a typical skin cream, since butters don’t contain water they do not dry out your skin, or require more products to be slathered in layers.

You can use Shea body butter treat dry ski…

How Vitamin C helps you achieve Healthy Skin

Vitamin C is a very healthy and important vitamin required by the body to maintain the overall health. It also works on skin's health and gives  a spotless, younger looking skin.

Vitamin C  is also known as ascorbic acid which is commonly used in skincare products these days because of it's multiple beauty benefits:Helps in skin brightening: Vitamin C is a great source to treat skin discolouration. It fights free radicals and other harmful substances and thus helps to even out the skin tone. Free radical damage leads to wrinkles, aging, fine line and other skin related issues which can be treated easily with the topical application of Vitamin C products.Protect skin against sun damage:  Topical application of Vitamin C protects the skin against harmful sun damage. It repairs the skin and helps it to look healthier and better.Produces collagen: Vitamin C helps to produce collagen which minimizes the early signs of aging and is responsible for giving skin its natural plumpness …

Best ways to use Rose water

Rosewater is one of the amazing ingredient that can be used in any form and is suitable for every skin type. Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water and is the natural form which can be easily used to treat skincare problems.

How Rose water can be prepared at home Boil rose petals in the distilled water on a low flame. Simmer until half the water is left. Put down to cool. You can also add rose essential oil to the mixture. Store the mixture in refrigerator for longer use.

Rose water can be used in many forms:Rose water as face wash: Rose water can be used as a  face wash to refresh the look. Spray the rose water onto the face and let it dry naturally.  Repeat every morning and night to hydrate and nourish the skin.Rose water as toner: Rose water has astringent properties that helps to cleanse and tone the pores from inside. After cleansing dab a cotton pad with rose water and gently rub all over the face. It works to tone and firm the skin and also helps it to look younge…